Finally, a Proven Way to Lose Weight Fast

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet using pharmacy-grade, injectable HCG helps your body controls hunger and prevent muscle loss while dieting.Patients who follow this program strictly will often lose a pound a day. This can mean up to 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!!*


The HCG diet has been carefully developed by health experts who know what your body needs and how to make sure you have the proper nutrition while losing weight. Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully used the HCG diet and obtained phenomenal weight loss results with absolutely no side effects.

With the diet protocol, your body doesn’t just exist on 500 calories. The HCG forces your body to unlock the fat that is stored in the mid-section (hips, thighs, belly, and butt) as well as in the upper arms. Your body then consumes between 1500-4000 calories from the stored fat being released into your body IN ADDITION to the 500 calories that are being eaten. A lot of times this stored fat is referred to as abnormal fat. It’s fat that our body does not need to survive. It was stored there by our body because we weren’t able to burn all that we consumed, or sometimes there are other factors that play into obesity like thyroid issues, hereditary, etc.

Long term weight stabilization will happen through the use of HCG because it helps reset your hypothalamus, the maintenance phase teaches you how to eat whole & natural foods, and by the end of the full program, your body should no longer be craving the sugars and carbohydrates that your body once craved.While on the HCG diet, exercise should be kept to a minimum to ensure your body doesn’t burn more than it should, which in turn could cause your body to either go into starvation mode or start burning muscle. Exercise that is allowed while on the diet would be walking, swimming, or yoga.

Although this diet was designed to help obese customers lose weight quickly, it can also be used for people that only have 5 pounds to lose.

The foods that are allowed on the HCG diet are lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

When looking to do the HCG diet, make sure you plan ahead. Try doing the diet when you don’t have any vacations or parties coming up in the near future. The more you can dedicate yourself to the diet itself, the better off you will be long term.

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